Triple Easel card

1/ Start with a sheet of card 27 x 18cm

2/ Measure 9cm along on the short side, then score along the length of the card. This will allow your card to fold in half

3/ Measure 9cm in from the left side and draw a line to the centre score line, then do the same from the right side, you will have 9cm left in the middle

4/ Cut along the two lines you have drawn, only to the center. This gives you your three sections for your easel

5/ Score the left panel from the top left to bottom right, score the right panel from top right to bottom left and score the middle panel across the middle

6/ You will need 3 pieces card measuring 9 x9cm, for the easels, now all you need to do is decorate

  Decorate a candle

You will need
Heat gum
Tissue paper
Greaseproof paper

1/  Cut your tissue paper to the size needed for your image. Stamp your desired image on  to the tissue paper. For this I chose a Mum verse as its near Mothers Day

2/  Wrap the tissue paper around the candle and use the greaseproof paper to hold tightly in place.

3/  Heat gently with heat gun, keep moving the heat around, do not concentrate too long on the one area.  You will see the image change colour, this is when it is ready.  Carefully remove greaseproof paper. And now you will see the image on your candle.

4/  Now you can decorate further if you want. I used sticky gems, then made an exploding box or it.